Funding Your Global Internship

An internship abroad is likely to be a valuable experience, both personally and professionally, but it will require investments of time, energy, and financial resources. While some internships abroad may come with salaries, stipends, or other forms of support, many opportunities may be unpaid. As discussed in relation to each of the pathways, each type of internship abroad will have different associated costs.

You are encouraged to think about how much you can personally afford to invest in an experience abroad (either from savings, support from guardians, or through paid work before/after) as well as sources of funding both within UVA and beyond. At the GIO, we suggest you think of funding your internship abroad as a matter of “co-investment:” others may be able to offer support but you should expect that you may need to contribute as well.

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Amanda Coen relaxes during her internship with a landscape architecture firm in Barcelona, Spain.


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